Spad Foulad

About Spad

Spud Asia Steel Company (Special Shares) operates in the field of supply, purchase and sale of raw materials and steel products, relying on more than a decade of experience and management knowledge of its founders.

Spud Foolad, by employing experts and experienced in the steel industry, has contributed to the supply of raw materials for more than half of the smelting and rolling factories across the country and has been able to play a small but effective role in the rotation of the wheel of Iran’s large steel industry.

By developing its activities in the field of steel products, this company has found a suitable place among the most reliable and well-known trading companies in this field by supplying the irons needed for large construction projects and industrial factories.

Knowledg,growth foundation,development

Paying attention to the transparency of data and creating a flow of information based on knowledge has always been one of the principles of Spad Foolad, and during the past years, by investing in the field of daily transparent information on the prices of steel products, providing useful news and articles and updating the steel market and industry on the website. , social networks and other media, it has always been a pioneer and owner of style in the field of content production and providing it to artisans and enthusiasts in this field.

About spad

With the motto “We are loyal to your seconds”, Spud Steel has always emphasized on valuing the time of its customers and is working by relying on transparency and mutual commitment (commitment against commitment) to facilitate and accelerate the supply of the goods needed by its dear customers.

Memberships and certificates

  • Membership of Iran Iron and Steel Association
  • Membership of the Steel Manufacturers Association
  • Membership of Tehran Chamber of Commerce
  • ISO 9001:2015 (quality management standard)
  • ISO 10668:2010 (brand valuation standard)
  • Acquisition license of Tehran Iron and Steel Union
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